The Storage Array is dead, long live Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (or is it?)

All industries must strive for constant improvement to drive change (and therefore revenue), the objective is to periodically make the current install base of equipment obsolete so it must be replaced. Just take a look at TVs – in the late 1990s we had bulky CRTs, then flat screens appeared, but they were Standard Definition, so in the late 2000s they were upgraded to HD, but of course it does not end there, as in the last few years we have seen the introduction of 4K/UHD panels. The worst thing that can happen to any industry is for its customers to not see any benefit in upgrading, so the IT industry has tried hard to tell customers that they must change as the future consists of Continue reading

An introduction to EMC Unity – new mid-range unified storage platform

EMC has been on a journey for a number of years to truly unify the Block and File capabilities of their market leading mid-range VNX platform – that journey is now complete with the introduction of Unity. The overall goal of Unity is to be: Simple – even easier to deploy and manage than the current best Modern – take advantage of the performance and price points of the latest generation flash drives Flexible – more feature rich than any other mid-range platform Affordable – with prices starting at under £10K So what’s new in Unity? Simple to deploy with new setup wizard and simple to manage with a new HTML5 User Interface Designed for all-flash, with All Flash and Hybrid configurations Support for eMLC Continue reading