Protect SaaS applications from data loss with EMC Spanning

If you believe the current hype in the IT industry every organisation is rushing to remove on-premises infrastructure and move all workloads to the public cloud (Platform as a service – PaaS), but based on conversations I have it is clear that for most this is just not true. The reality is that they are sticking with on-premises kit, but on an application-by-application basis looking to see if there are advantages to running it in the cloud (Software as a service – SaaS). Who knows what will happen in the future, but today for most organisations SaaS is far more prevalent than PaaS and it is very rare to come across an organisation that is not running either Salesforce, Office 365, Google Apps or Continue reading

How do I speed up Salesforce?

Salesforce is becoming a staple for many businesses CRM requirements. Its ability to present clear and concise information in a customisable way has found favour with small and large organisations alike, but it’s not without challenges. One key issue that many clients see is a huge difference in the websites response times. Regularly here in the UK, the performance of the Salesforce interface is fine in the morning but slows down quite distinctly in the afternoon? This can reduce the effectiveness of your workforce AND turn the business against these cost effective SaaS solutions. Ideally we would be able to sit a small ‘Acceleration’ box on our network that can perhaps cache Salesforce content, but as the content changes as it’s Continue reading