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This page will help you to keep up to date with all the latest vendor comparison information from SNS – it is regularly updated and includes all of our key Blog Posts, Videos and Technical Seminar details. Our objective at SNS is to help our customers choose the solution that is right for them by fully understanding their requirements and budgetary needs, and matching these to the technical capabilities of a wide variety of solutions. Recent Blog Posts Storage Platform Comparisons Comparing the new NetApp AFF8000 series with EMC XtremIO 4.0 Comparing EMC, HDS and NetApp All-Flash and Hybrid block arrays Comparing EMC, HDS and NetApp storage arrays – Part 1 (Block Features) Comparing EMC, HDS and NetApp storage arrays Continue reading

What’s next for Storage in 2015?

The storage market has changed significantly over the last few years, whereas 5 years ago the industry was dominated by six players (EMC, NetApp, HDS, HP, IBM and Dell) supplying solutions using only HDDs, today solutions are designed using a hybrid of SSDs and HDDs, and there is far more choice with a number of start-ups entering the market (i.e. Pure, Nimble, Tintri and Tegile). What is clear to me is that the days of storage arrays being mysterious, complex and therefore expensive to deploy and maintain are over – customers want simplicity so that a dedicated storage expert is not required. Gartner wrote an interesting article on the subject which is available at Predicts 2015: Midmarket CIOs Must Shed IT Debt to Invest Continue reading

A summary of all things HDS at SNS

This page will help you to keep up to date with all the latest news from HDS – it is regularly updated and includes all of our key HDS related Blog Posts, Videos and Seminar details. Hitachi Data Systems HDS’s heritage is the mainframe market so they have supplied storage solutions to the most demanding of enterprise customers and over the last few years have begun to make their high-end technologies affordable to the mid-market. As the demands for more storage and 24×7 operations become the norm HDS’s superior storage platforms are well equipped to meet the ever demanding needs of any organisation. Recent Blog Posts Overview HDS Portfolio Overview Block Storage What makes the HDS VSP and HUS VM Continue reading

Lock-in, choice, competition, innovation, commoditisation and the Software-Defined Data Centre

I have recently been involved in an ongoing debate about VMware VSAN and lock-in over at, and it inspired me to explore my thoughts on the subject further. It seems clear to me that the organisations are on a trajectory to the Software-Defined Data Centre – the Cloud, the Google/Amazon DC architectures and many other economic factors will result in the inevitable decline in hardware appliances. The 21st century has seen a commoditisation of hardware, with most appliance vendors supplying standard off-the-shelf solutions that are almost certainly not manufactured by them. Take a company like NetApp, are they a hardware or a software company and where is their value? They sell both hardware and software, but the hardware is fundamentally no Continue reading

Our Free Assessments

Gaining a detailed understanding of how your current infrastructure is performing and identifying inefficiencies allows you to more cost-effectively address your IT needs. With this in mind the SNS Tech Team can provide the following assessment services to help assist you: vSphere Optimisation Assessment – Gain Visibility and Control of your VMware vSphere environment As most organisations are now running far more Virtual Machines than physical servers it is essential that they gain complete visibility and control of their virtual infrastructure. Critical applications need to be monitored to make sure they are not starved of resources as this will seriously impact the users. Waste is also a huge issue as it is common place to configure Virtual Machines with the same Continue reading

EMC, HDS & NetApp Storage Portfolio Videos now available on YouTube

As well as being one of the most expensive, your storage infrastructure is likely to be the single most critical element of your physical and virtualised IT environment. While CPU, RAM and Network resources can directly affect the performance of some of your systems, poorly sized or badly integrated storage, will damage the performance of ALL your systems and may render servers and services unusable. So it’s always worth taking the time to understand the storage that’s available and digging a little deeper to ensure it’s going to deliver great performance and good value for money. To start the ball rolling, we’ve provided three short videos that give a quick introduction to the storage offerings available from the three major storage Continue reading

An introduction to VMware Virtual Volumes Software-Defined Storage technology

Over the past decade VMware has changed the way IT is provisioned through the use of Virtual Machines, but if we want a truly Software-Defined Data Centre we also need to virtualise the storage and the network. For storage virtualisation VMware has introduced Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes (expected to be available in 2015), and for network virtualisation NSX. In this, the second of a three part series, we will take a look at Virtual Volumes (VVOLs). Each new release of vSphere always delivers significant new storage related enhancements, from Storage DRS to vStorage APIs for Array Integration, VMware has consistently innovated. But one huge feature has always been missing – the ability to natively store a VMDK as an object directly on a Continue reading

Our Partner Portfolio

SNS partner with a broad range of leading vendors, but our real value is being able to select from a range of products, match them optimally to a customers requirements and deploy the solution in a timely and efficient manner. To build the best possible solution for a customer we need to select the most appropriate technologies from a number of vendors – maybe VMware for the hypervisor, Dell, HP or Supermicro for servers, EMC, HDS or NetApp for storage, Riverbed for WAN optimisation, Overland for a tape library, CommVault or Veeam for backup and VMware or Citrix for remote application delivery. Read on to learn more about our key technology partners. VMware VMware has been at the heart of transforming the way Continue reading

Managing Education … in a Flash!

I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of education institutions over the past fourteen years. In that time, through the progress of Virtual Learning Environments, Interactive Smart Boards and BYOD there has always been one piece of the IT puzzle in academia that has required extra attention and resources. I speak of course about the Management Information System. Be it Unit-e, SIMS or EBS running on Microsoft SQL or Oracle, it is the core information system that tracks the life-cycle of the learner. The MIS also provides a framework for managing curriculum portfolios and feeds assessment information and outcomes into data warehouses. And, as you are no doubt aware, accurate and timely returns are crucial to securing the correct levels Continue reading

Independent Multi-vendor Storage Infrastructure Review

Storage is at the heart of the modern virtualised datacentre and unlike servers, which do not differ significantly from vendor to vendor, there are major differences between storage platforms. It is therefore difficult to determine which is the most suitable platform for a given organisation, particular as every week there seems to be a new storage start-up offering something to challenge the established players. Due to the tremendous growth in data within most organisations lowering storage TCO is becoming key, but at the same time increased performance, reliability and availability are required. The good news is that increased competition is driving costs down and value for money up. VMware is also beginning to make a big move into software-defined storage solutions Continue reading