Comparing the new NetApp AFF8000 series with EMC XtremIO 4.0

NetApp has just announced the AFF (All-Flash FAS) series of flash optimised arrays which has been tuned exclusively for Flash (HDDs are not supported). Included with the new models is an updated version of Clustered Data ONTAP (8.3.1) which adds Inline Compression with near-zero impact on system performance. At the same time EMC has announced XtremIO 4.0, this is a key release as it adds double disk protection, non-disruptive cluster expansion and native replication (with support for RecoverPoint). So how do these products compare? In many ways you would assume that this would be an easy win for XtremIO as it is a “ground-up” flash design, what is interesting is that in many ways the products are remarkably similar – the All-Flash Array market is really Continue reading

Vendor Comparisons Blog Portal

This page will help you to keep up to date with all the latest vendor comparison information from SNS – it is regularly updated and includes all of our key Blog Posts, Videos and Technical Seminar details. Our objective at SNS is to help our customers choose the solution that is right for them by fully understanding their requirements and budgetary needs, and matching these to the technical capabilities of a wide variety of solutions. Recent Blog Posts Storage Platform Comparisons Comparing the new NetApp AFF8000 series with EMC XtremIO 4.0 Comparing EMC, HDS and NetApp All-Flash and Hybrid block arrays Comparing EMC, HDS and NetApp storage arrays – Part 1 (Block Features) Comparing EMC, HDS and NetApp storage arrays Continue reading

EMC, HDS & NetApp Storage Portfolio Videos now available on YouTube

As well as being one of the most expensive, your storage infrastructure is likely to be the single most critical element of your physical and virtualised IT environment. While CPU, RAM and Network resources can directly affect the performance of some of your systems, poorly sized or badly integrated storage, will damage the performance of ALL your systems and may render servers and services unusable. So it’s always worth taking the time to understand the storage that’s available and digging a little deeper to ensure it’s going to deliver great performance and good value for money. To start the ball rolling, we’ve provided three short videos that give a quick introduction to the storage offerings available from the three major storage Continue reading

Independent Multi-vendor Storage Infrastructure Review

Storage is at the heart of the modern virtualised datacentre and unlike servers, which do not differ significantly from vendor to vendor, there are major differences between storage platforms. It is therefore difficult to determine which is the most suitable platform for a given organisation, particular as every week there seems to be a new storage start-up offering something to challenge the established players. Due to the tremendous growth in data within most organisations lowering storage TCO is becoming key, but at the same time increased performance, reliability and availability are required. The good news is that increased competition is driving costs down and value for money up. VMware is also beginning to make a big move into software-defined storage solutions Continue reading

Storage Vendor Comparison Seminar now available

SNS has many years of experience presenting seminars focused on single vendor solutions (i.e. VMware, EMC and HDS) and hopefully these have been of great value to the attendees. We thought it could be even more valuable if we made the events multi-vendor so we can accurately compare and contrast a number of different technologies – something the vendor’s own events cannot do. We have chosen to focus on what we consider to be the proven technology leaders in the storage industry: EMC – #1 storage vendor with the broadest product portfolio HDS – Along with EMC dominates the enterprise market NetApp – Leader in unified storage and integrated data protection We could include more vendors, but we think these three have the vast majority Continue reading

Comparing EMC, HDS and NetApp All-Flash and Hybrid block arrays

Flash has changed storage forever and almost every new array purchase needs to have some degree of flash included, so the market now offers three distinct types of array: Hybrid – Exploits the performance of flash and the lower cost of HDDs All-Flash hybrid – Packaged to deliver a low cost per GB of flash Ground-up design – Purely designed for flash with no support for HDDs As always there is a huge range of price points, due to the architecture, features and performance scaling, for these arrays. Efficiency features are critical in some use cases (i.e. VDI), but less so in many others and performance scaling for the majority of solutions is substantially higher than legacy arrays built just for Continue reading