Move inactive data to the cloud with EMC CloudArray

Most organisations are seeing massive growth in their storage requirements, but a significant proportion of the data is old and inactive so for years IT departments have looked to reduce costs by moving inactive data to low cost storage – sometimes even optical drives and tape. As we are now in the era of public cloud computing we have another option – create a storage array that is essentially a cache to cloud storage, that way active data will be served from local storage and infrequently accessed data will be pulled from the cloud (i.e. Amazon, Microsoft Azure or Google). EMC CloudArray is one such product and it has the following capabilities: Looks, feels and performs like local storage Supports FC, iSCSI, CIFS & Continue reading

EVO:RAIL is dead long live VxRail

On paper EVO:RAIL was a great idea – VMware provides the Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) software (vSphere and Virtual SAN) and the major server and storage vendors provide the hardware, but one of the biggest problems was that it was 100% designed by VMware therefore how could the likes of EMC, NetApp, Dell, HP, HDS, etc. innovate? The answer of course was they couldn’t and the product was therefore not a great success  – something therefore had to change. The good news is that EVO:RAIL has become VxRail and it will be sold exclusively by VCE (a VMware and EMC company). Also with EVO:RAIL there was a very limited choice of hardware, you had to start with four nodes, scale in four node increments and use vSphere Continue reading