Building a next-generation on-premises infrastructure

As much as the cloud is having a significant impact on how IT is deployed, on-premises infrastructure is here to stay. Over the last few years the industry has made huge progress with regard to Storage Performance, Systems Availability and Operational Simplicity – let’s take a look at some of our solutions that enable you to take advantage of these and build a next-generation infrastructure: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure We have several options available that: Combine compute and storage into a single scale-out solution Enable simplified provisioning, management and upgrading HCI solutions are taking over from separate compute and storage as they promise to deliver the simplicity of the cloud. Continuous Availability We have several options available that: Automate disaster recovery fail-over Achieve zero downtime even Continue reading

Why Commvault should be top of your list if you are looking at any kind of new Data Protection solution

Data Protection is a challenge for most organisations and with the move to virtualisation and the cloud things have just got more complicated. So if your current solution is struggling to backup your data in the available time, is becoming unreliable or just lacks the required features, then the time has come to re-think your Data Protection strategy. Now there are plenty of point solutions that are very good, the most obvious one being Veeam Backup and Replication, but it does tend to run out of steam as your data protection requirements and capacities increase. So what’s so good about Commvault? It’s open and flexible, minimises lock-in and maximises choice It is OS, hypervisor, public cloud, storage array and application agnostic Continue reading

EMC Data Domain takes another significant leap forward

Data Domain has been a hugely successful product for EMC and as we enter the cloud and software-defined storage era they have once again enhanced the technology with a couple of great new features: Cloud Tier Data Domain can now support both an active tier and a cloud tier – using a Data Movement Policy. Data that is of a specific age will be automatically moved out of the active tier into your public or private cloud object storage platform of choice, fully de-duplicated, for long term retention. Data can be encrypted (using DD Encryption) and locked (using DD Retention Lock) before tiering it to the cloud, and a separate DD Cloud Tier licence is required. The capacity of the cloud tier can Continue reading

Protect SaaS applications from data loss with EMC Spanning

If you believe the current hype in the IT industry every organisation is rushing to remove on-premises infrastructure and move all workloads to the public cloud (Platform as a service – PaaS), but based on conversations I have it is clear that for most this is just not true. The reality is that they are sticking with on-premises kit, but on an application-by-application basis looking to see if there are advantages to running it in the cloud (Software as a service – SaaS). Who knows what will happen in the future, but today for most organisations SaaS is far more prevalent than PaaS and it is very rare to come across an organisation that is not running either Salesforce, Office 365, Google Apps or Continue reading

NetApp AltaVault enables you to kiss goodbye to tape and legacy PBBAs

Purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs) were specifically designed to eliminate tape and I remember going to EMC World, around the time of the Data Domain acquisition, where there were t-shirts and banners all over the place saying “Tape Sucks”. I then went to the Data Domain session where there were customers talking about their experiences with Data Domain, but guess what? They all used tape for long-term retention – how ironic. So why were they all still using tape? Simple answer – cost. PPBAs are great at what they do, especially Data Domain, but they do have architectural weaknesses, that can drive up costs and therefore in most cases still require the use of tape: Scalability – you cannot easily start small and scale to what Continue reading

If your backup strategy is in need of an overhaul then Commvault and NetApp can help

Backup continues to be a challenge for most organisations, legacy systems are just too complex and expensive, and whilst hypervisor centric solutions, such as Veeam, have done a great job of protecting virtualised environments, their weakness tends to be that their de-duplication engines do not scale. Purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs), such as EMC Data Domain, ExaGrid EX, Quantum DXi or HP StoreOnce, provide much better de-duplication ratios and performance at scale (i.e. 150 VMs+) – it is therefore often recommended to combine the likes of Veeam with a PBBA, but this does significantly push up the cost of the solution. So what other options are available? Option 1 – Software-Defined Data Protection with Enterprise-class De-dupe By combining Commvault Simpana with NetApp E-Series you get Continue reading

A summary of all things NetApp at SNS

This page will help you to keep up to date with all the latest news from NetApp – it is regularly updated and includes all of our key NetApp related Blog Posts, Videos and Seminar details. About NetApp Over the last few years NetApp has transformed their core storage platform to deliver scale-out capabilities and fully non-disruptive operations. When combined with their ability to provide an integrated backup solution, and truly unified block and NAS they have an offering that is difficult to beat. Recent Blog Posts Unified Storage – FAS Series NetApp All-Flash FAS support renewals now include free controllers Cost-effective Metro Storage Cluster solution now available from NetApp All-Flash and Hybrid Array bundles with integrated data protection now Continue reading

Good news for Commvault customers – you can now purchase new licences much more cost-effectively

Up until late last year Commvault Simpana was licensed based on front-end data capacity, with the choice of three editions: Data Protection Foundation (DBF) – includes file and virtualisation agents Data Protection Advanced (DPA) – added Microsoft application agents and array snapshot management Data Protection Enterprise (DPE) – added all other applications agents (i.e. Oracle and SAP) These editions could not be mixed, therefore if you needed further capacity and you are currently using DPE, you would have to add more DPE (which could be quite expensive). So what has changed? DPA now includes all the features of DPE, excluding Ops Reporting – this makes the more costly DPE redundant in most cases Virtual Machine agents can now be licensed per socket or Continue reading

A summary of all things Commvault at SNS

This page will help you to keep up to date with all the latest news from Commvault – it is regularly updated and includes all of our key Commvault related Blog Posts, Videos and Seminar details. About Commvault Commvault Simpana is a software-defined solution to Protect, Manage and Access all your company’s information, whether it is on Physical devices, Virtual Machines or in the Cloud, with a breadth of capabilities unmatched in the industry: File System, Application, Virtual Machine and Endpoint Protection File System, Application and Virtual Machine Archiving File Sync and Share Continuous Data Protection Storage Array Snapshot Management Public and Private Cloud VM Provisioning and Management Cross Hypervisor Restore Cloud hosted DR, Dev/Test and Replication Cloud Storage Gateway Bare Metal Restore and Restore Continue reading

A summary of all things EMC at SNS

This page will help you to keep up to date with all the latest news from EMC – it is regularly updated and includes all of our key EMC related Blog Posts, Videos and Seminar details. About EMC EMC brings to market a portfolio of storage products that is un-matched within the industry, from All-Flash arrays to Software-Defined Storage, EMC has a leading offering to address any requirement. Traditionally known for their high-end solutions many of their enterprise-class technologies are now within the reach of most mid-market organisations. Recent Blog Posts Hyper-Converged Infrastructure EVO:RAIL is dead long live VxRail Cloud Move inactive data to the cloud with EMC CloudArray Protect SaaS applications from data loss with EMC Spanning Storage Platforms Continue reading